Emma Peters | Aleph Beauty Founder

Until recent years, to find makeup that could nurture and nourish the skin, rather than toxify, was close to impossible. Cue New Zealand brand, Aleph. After a career as a top makeup artist, founder Emma Peters, knows this first hand. To be at one with being part of the business of beauty, Emma’s makeup range first needed to be at one with the planet. A highly customizable range, every Aleph product is designed to work in synergy with each other to create endless textures, shades and finishes. A philosophy not unlike our own here at Shjark.



We are big fans of your product, and feel very aligned to your ethos. Your ‘no compromises’ approach to Aleph and the products you create is so admirable. What was the driving force behind developing your brand in this fashion?

Beauty needn’t mean compromise, and all too often choosing clean has been synonymous with less than optimal function. True clean beauty is achievable, it just takes a bit more care and thought to get there. We all deserve to look and feel like the best version of ourselves without compromising our health or that of the planet.


In a time where fast consumerism is at its height, Aleph's product range is refreshingly pared back. The saying 'less is more' lends itself in more ways than one when it comes to your products. Can you elaborate on the importance of this minimalist approach and how it aligns with Aleph's values?

Less is more is definitely a mantra that is often heard out of my mouth whether at HQ, at a customer event out on a shoot with Aleph. Everything we do is from a perspective of doing more with less. This can apply to describing the use of our multi-use products having many functions; a Radiance Balm can be used as a highlight, as an eye brightener, as a lip pearl, or as a glow when added to our Concealer/Foundation.

This can refer to the amount used to create a desired effect; our products are super concentrated and the smallest amount goes a long way. Or equally to describe the way the skincare properties continue to restore the skin's integrity over time, meaning that the products do the job of makeup in the moment, and also continue to do the job over the long term. This approach gives the wearer ultimate versatility in being able to create anything from a densely pigmented finish to a sheered out tint, to custom mixes defending on the skins needs on any given day.


What motivates and inspires new product development at Aleph?

Our amazing community! We’re always in close communication with our customers and love to hear what they are in need of. At the same time, I am always thinking several steps ahead and bringing together cutting edge concepts and technologies to ensure we have products that I love and know our community will love too.



Breaking into an industry that formerly wasn’t known for being toxin free must have been challenging at times. Fast forward to today and Aleph is at the forefront of the natural beauty industry in New Zealand. At Shjark, we love finding new ways to empower women to achieve. Can you share your approach to goal setting, self-motivation and staying driven?

Always focus on the solve!! There have been many times when I’ve been told “it’s impossible” “it’s not how things are done” or my personal favourite “that’ll never happen in New Zealand” When you have a clear idea and mission, always be searching for the solve and don’t be sucked into the problem.


What does self-care mean for you and do you have any tips for someone starting out on a toxin-free wellness journey?

Do what lights you up, what makes you feel good. And know that it’s malleable. There’s too much pressure to get it all right, and it’s an overwhelming place to be as there are “toxins” at every turn. So choose what makes sense to you, but there are some easy places to start when making better choices. Avoid synthetic smells. These most likely contain ingredients that act as hormone disruptors. Avoid conventional “long wearing” formulas. These usually contain PFAs or forever chemicals that remain in the body and the environment.




Do you have a go-to outfit or signature daily style that makes you feel most confident?

Most of my wardrobe is black, I prefer shape and texture to too much colour, but I like to bring in the odd bit of cream and grey. It sounds a little boring, but I like my makeup to be the colour feature, especially when wearing one of our brighter shades. For me, confidence comes from a well fitting outfit, and a great pair of heels.


What's next for you, any exciting plans in the pipeline you can share?

We have some very exciting launches and updates in the pipeline, so we’re looking forward to an exciting 2024!