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With every purchase becoming more considered, there is a marked shift towards an edited wardrobe of hard-working separates to be mixed, matched and re-worn.

Shjark speaks to these shifting sensibilities, prioritising versatility and ease by offering a collection of classically informed yet thoroughly modern pieces that balance desirability with practicality.

Uncomplicated silhouettes are elevated with thoughtful details, premium fabrications and a considered colour palette, all the while maintaining enough anonymity to seamlessly work in with every woman’s existing wardrobe, and allow her room for her own unique self-expression.

Informed by utility, form and function, Shjark is a concise modular wardrobe to be worn and lived in, everyday.

Shjark, the complete outfitter.


At Shjark, we are committed to offering a quality product crafted with integrity.

We are dedicated to supporting the local industry by manufacturing in New Zealand where possible. Our collections are made in Auckland, with our makers and suppliers all within a 30 minute drive of our Studio in Grey Lynn. The only exception to this is our fully-fashioned knitwear, which is made with care by a specialist factory in China with whom we have a long established relationship.

We take pride in the relationships we have forged over the years and appreciate the role they play in the ongoing success of Shjark.

Shjark is a member of Mindful Fashion New Zealand; an industry collective that aims to strengthen the local fashion and textile industry by promoting long term sustainable growth through responsible business practice and industry investment.

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With over a decade of experience in the New Zealand fashion industry, Amber Gardner started her career as designer and pattern cutter for Murray Crane at Crane Brothers, where she was responsible for the numerous menswear brands under his umbrella at the time, including infamous label Little Brother, and naval heritage line Gubb & Mackie. During this time Amber developed a love of tailoring and a fascination with utilitarian and vintage clothing that continues to inform her design process.

From there she moved to Workshop designing for both the men’s and women’s ranges, and it was here that her passion for denim began; “nothing beats a rich, natural indigo dye, and the nature in which it evolves with its wearer.”

A move to Gregory Limited as designer for newly acquired but well known brand Ricochet provided a shift in focus and saw Amber further hone her skills in womenswear, whilst still honouring her tailoring background and the distinct edge of her previous positions.

In a reaction to the shifting tides of the market, and a real desire for a move toward a “less-is-more” approach, Amber launched Shjark in the summer of 2016. An obsession with quality and an eye for detail are values that are integral to the brand. Proud to be supporting local industry, Amber has strong relationships with trusted local manufacturers who have an intrinsic understanding of the quality and detail she strives for, most of whom have worked with her throughout her career, and its this mix of core values that are inherent in all Shjark collections.

Amber is renowned for classic, clean lines and impeccable tailoring with a rock’n’roll sensibility, and she continues her pursuit of effortless perfection with Shjark.


We are conscious of the impact our industry has on our planet and are consistently striving to make better and more informed choices to lower our impact.

We use sustainable and natural fibres where possible and take durability into consideration. Tencel, Merino, Wool, Linen, Acetate and Cotton feature prominently in our collections. We use natural buttons made from shell, corozo nut and sustainably farmed Italian horn.

We use deadstock fabric sourced from top mills by local suppliers. Deadstock is surplus fabric from a mill’s production run that was either not needed or in excess of an order. By using what has already been produced we help keep fabric out of landfills and do not unnecessarily contribute to the creation of more.

We are committed to conservative growth and focused on developing strong long term partnerships to maintain the quality of our product and integrity of our business. We cut small quantities of our styles, keeping excess stock to a minimum.

We are a label born out of a dislike for excess and desire for quality. Versatility, ease and attention to detail are at the forefront of the Shjark ethos. We carefully consider the development of each new garment and design with longevity in mind.

Our mission at Shjark is to create thoughtful and timeless clothing of a high-quality in the hope that our garments will be cherished and worn for years to come. We encourage you to invest in fewer, well-made pieces and to take the time to care for them.